The legitimate spiritual legacy is our lost inheritage, the hidden treasure dealt by ancient medieval alchemists, is placed hidden in the bowels of the Earth, which is to say in our own philosophical Earth. The hidden inheritance is the Light Treasure hidden within ourselves.

The soul is valued, is a precious gem which heads towards the Light Inheritance before other things. Rares are those who know the Great Mystery. The mystery of the light is the Intimus Christ Mystery. Only the Christ Mystery can save us.

This knowledge, this reminiscence of its origins, this memory of the Divine Inheritance, requires a message to be carried out and moreover, a Divine Messenger who embodies each time to teach, to transmit his precious message, to find and indicate the lost path, the Divine Kingdom of the Light, and let the sleepy soul, wrapped in the material dream, reconquer the Lost Inheritance.

It is in 1954 in Colombia, in south American fields, that the International Gnostic Movement had its origin founded by our masters Samael Aun Weor and Litelantes, as the legitimate vehicle of manifestation of the christian redeeming message for our era. Later, they started their way towards Mexico City where they settled down to develop the gnostic teaching and from there, be distributed to every place on Earth.

Nowadays, the message is preserved intactly by his disciples that seriously guard and transmit his legacy through the Circle of Investigation of Gnostic Anthropology, carrying out conferences, courses, seminars and congresses in a global level.

“Our beloved South America, has also his majestic temples … These are the temples of the Nature Goddess; these are the temples of the Mayan Ray mysteries”.

“The masters of the White Lodge and the Mayan Ray are the silent guardians of Latin America; the Sierra Nevada in Colombia is another powerful antique Tibet.”

V M Samael Aum Weor

The South American lands are bordered by the high peaks of the Andes which traverse them as its vertebral column from south to north; lands with beautiful landscapes, images of old splendors erected by millenary civilizations, awesome nature that hugs and invite us to elevate towards divinity as Tiahuanaco culture and Inca civilization did. Capable of building enigmatic constructions, the Incas inhabited a great part of South America, expanding throughout of Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina. The Incan culture was the most important one in Peru, originally from Cuzco, known also as the “world navel”. They represent the life-giver principle in the sun light, the vital force of nature. The Incas observed his way through the equatorial line calling it “Inty-Ñam” and defined with rigorous noting the equinoxes, from places specially destinated to sun ceremonies. It was not the adoration to the physical sun, not; but what it is behind this physical symbol. Obviously, the Solar Logos was worshipped, the second Logos. This Sun Logos is the Multiple Perfect Unity, “variety is unity”. In the World of The Cosmic Christ, the separate individuality does not exist; in the Lord, we are One.

In this sense, South America will soon organize the XXV International Congress of Gnostic Anthropology in Montevideo city from 1st to 7th August 2023, and we will receive with great joy the students from all world latitudes. At this time of the Congress, these fine issues will be studied which always invite us to reflect.

XXV International Congress of Gnostic Anthropology



1st to 7th August 2023

Montevideo Uruguay